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Troop adults


Adult responsible for working directly with the Scouts providing direction, coaching, and support

Sara Henderson

Assistant Scoutmasters (ASM)

Other adults responsible for working directly with the Scouts providing direction, coaching, and support


Oversees the process and adults that allow Scouts to advance in Rank and Merit Badges

Mike Henry

Merit Badge Counselors

Offer time, experience, and knowledge to help guide Scouts in one or more of the Merit Badge subjects (shared across Units)


Scout leadership

SPL (Senior Patrol Leader)

Primary link between a Troop’s Scouts and its adult leaders, the SPL (Senior Patrol Leader) shoulders the responsibility for leading meetings of the troop and the Patrol Leaders’ Council and provide valuable leadership in planning and carrying out the troop’s program

PLC (Patrol Leaders' Council)

The PLC (Patrol Leaders' Council) meet monthly to fine-tune the plans for the upcoming month, annually to plan the yearly Troop program, and is made up of the SPL, who presides over the meetings, the ASPL, and all Patrol Leaders (PLs)

SPL, ASPL and all Patrol Leaders (PLs)


Collects, assembles, and preserves troop photographs, news stories, trophies, flags, scrapbooks, awards, and other memorabilia, and makes materials available for Scouting activities, courts of honor, the media, and troop history projects


Manage the Troop's website and online presence (social media)

Reese Vaughan




Sets Troop policies and handles administrative functions, allowing the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs) to focus on working directly with the Scouts

Committee Chair, Treasurer, Communication, Membership, Activities, Medical, Advancement, Parent Coordinator, Technology, Chartered Organization Representative,

Committee Chair

Leads the Committee of adults providing administrative support to the Troop

Andrew Kraft

Chartered Organization Representative

Contact between the unit (Scout Troop 77) and the Chartered Organization (Oak Grove United Methodist Church)

Adam DeLange

Val Cook
(Accounts Payable)

Bruce King
(Accounts Receivable)


Coordinates the planning of Scout campouts and activities, recruiting and guiding adult trip planners and leaders

Andrew Kraft


Receive and send information for the Troop (Newsletter, texts (social media?))

Libby Paris


Registers new Scouting families and coordinates annual re-chartering

Lane Schaffner

Parent Coordinator

Recruits adult volunteers to sign up as committee support positions and/or special events, and manages succession planning

Mary Beth Martin

Merit Badge Coordinator

Recruits, trains, and tracks the Merit Badge Counselors

Wes Brewer


Works with the youth Quartermaster and is responsible inventory, storage, and maintenance of unit equipment

Tom Tjoflat


Supports Troop and Committee data access and integration with technology platforms in use

Dave Barker