Scout Troop 77

Scouting at Oak Grove

60 second newsletter

Troop Meeting

Where to meet?

Troop 77 currently meets in the circle lot right next to Scout Hall. Scouts will be dropped off in the lower parking lot right across from Scout Hall before the meeting. THE CIRCLE PARKING LOT WILL BE CLOSED AT 7 PM MOVING FORWARD. Please avoid gathering in Scout Hall before the meeting unless doing a Scoutly activity. After Scouts arrive please make sure your patrol leader has gotten the patrol flag belonging to your patrol out of the cabinet. If scouts have time before the start of the meeting they are more than welcome to head over to the help desk if they need to. At 7:30 pm we will start the Troop Meeting. By 9 pm the troop Meeting will be finished and all the scouts will be Dismissed. At that time Parents should be parked in the lower parking lot ready for their scout to come and get in their car. If you still have any questions or concerns you can reach out to us at

What to bring?

What to do?

 The senior Patrol will be providing the Troop Meeting program that is both fun and inclusive for all scouts. The meeting plans are in the newsletter each week so it is very important to read. Being prepared is being a scout and being prepared is reading the newsletter. We like to do a lot of hands-on learning as well as holding Troop competitions to challenge our Scouts. During the meeting, Scouts can turn in all their blue cards, get requirements signed off, and meet with their merit badge counselors. Also, at the end of the meeting, we will be handing out all of our scout's hard-earned merit Badges, Patches, and awards.